Art is subjective. Your hearing shouldn't be.

Do you know your hearing number™?

One in four Americans4 experience some degree of hearing loss, yet hearing health remains under prioritized – especially when compared with other health conditions. Those who struggle with hearing loss report missing out on social interactions, conversations, talking on the phone and hearing the voices of loved ones.10

Are you hearing 20/20?

Like vision, hearing has a 20/20 standard.

0-20dB is normal hearing. 21-70dB is moderate hearing. 71-90 dB is sever hearing loss.
Cynthia Brown
“You are Here”
Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas
Ginna Dowling
“Tale of Two Sisters”
Vinyl Serigraphy Installation
Skip Hill
“Love Garden (Hush)”
Mixed media on wood panel

How much do you know about your hearing?


Do you
know your
hearing number?

What can you do today?

With the right solution, most are able to rejoin conversations, restore connections to loved ones and enjoy life to the fullest.

Visit the directories below to find an audiologist near you.

Academy of Doctors of Audiology American Academy of Audiology American Cochlear Implant Alliance AG Bell Hearing First Hearing Health Foundation HEARING INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION Hearing Loss Association of America Ear Community Songs for Sound
Cochlear ReSound GN Sycle



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